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Size: 100-199 staff

Industry: Financial and Insurance Services

Organisation background

nib Group is a trusted international health partner, empowering our members to make better decisions and improve health outcomes through greater accessibility to affordable health services and information. As the second largest health insurer in New Zealand, we provide a range of health insurance options for Kiwis and their families, and New Zealand companies who want health insurance for their employees. nib New Zealand (nib) has 180 employees who have recently transitioned to a new hybrid working model to provide greater flexibility and autonomy for where, when and how we work.

Executive summary

nib New Zealand has developed nibMINDfull to raise awareness of mental health and empower employees to prioritise their physical and mental wellbeing. nibMINDfull is a unique digital solution that is inclusive and adaptable to employee needs as well as our new ways of remote working. It is based on key principles of health behaviour change and grounded in insights from anonymised employee wellbeing data. The programme is driven by nib people leaders with the aim to embed it within our everyday culture and practice.

Background on situation and opportunity

nib has embraced a hybrid-flexible working model, with employees now mostly working remotely. It’s important employees still feel connected with their workplace and colleagues while working remotely. Boundaries can be blurred, and it can be harder for people to switch off, particularly when work, home life and relaxation all happen in the same space. Health and wellbeing risks can be amplified, there are less opportunities for incidental movement which is linked to our mental health. The opportunity was to create a programme that supports a culture where employees can prioritise their wellbeing, talk openly, and know where to go for support.


We believe the success of any wellbeing programme begins with improving wellbeing literacy. nibMINDfull raises awareness that we all have mental health and it’s impacted based on our daily experiences and our overall wellbeing. Employees learned that their risk of experiencing a mental illness increased on a continuum over time if they did not prioritise their wellbeing. The programme ensures an appropriate level of support is available for anyone who identifies as experiencing a significant mental health concern or illness. Based on the psychosocial risk management model, nibMINDfull is designed to: • Restore: Connect employees and leaders with the choice to access the right level of mental health support. • Support: Create opportunities to talk openly about wellbeing, mental health and illness. Provide leaders with resources to lead with wellbeing at the forefront. • Prevent: Encourage employees to engage in healthy behaviours that support their wellbeing, raising wellbeing literacy, awareness, and understanding. The programme is targeted to ensure it meets employees’ actual needs rather than be a box-ticking exercise. The objectives are to: • Provide opportunities for connection in the context of distributed working. • Motivate employees to engage in activities that support wellbeing. • Boost team morale and create space for fun. • Collaborate with digital health partners to make support services more accessible. • Provide leaders with support to create psychologically safe team environments • Support leaders to manage wellbeing and meet targets within the HSW Strategic Plan. • Provide people with choice Targets have been set for each pillar of our nibWell framework, measured in the annual employee experience survey (due November 2021). • 80% Net Promoter Score. • Move NZ wellbeing index from 70% to 73% in FY22 • Relationships - move from 69% feel comfortable talking openly about wellbeing with colleagues to over 70%. • 62% actively engage with nibWell’s employee offerings to 68%.


nibMINDfull is carried out as an integral part of nib’s employee activities. The programme is endorsed by our CEO and led by leaders across the business. Employees can personalise their experience and prioritise their specific wellbeing needs through the programme, helping them to connect and build relationships with colleagues. nibMINDfull ran in 2021 from 19 April - 2 June, over six weeks. It started with a wellbeing risk assessment via myhealthHQ (nib’s portal), followed by a topic each week - getting set-up for wellbeing success, movement, nutrition, relationships and whanau, sleep, and personal development. Articles on these topics could be accessed on myhealthHQ. Employees could also connect through the nibMINDfull Workplace community group, which provides updates on the programme and challenges. In conjunction with the weekly topics, the programme uses “gamification” – building interest and engagement, both active and passive, through challenges, awarding points for activities, and daily leader boards. For example, employees received points doing a health risk assessment, reading articles, and reaching daily step targets. Other initiatives included: • leaders’ lunch with Steve Vamos, • Mental fitness session for all employees with Jimi Hunt and a copy of his book, • 6-month subscription to our nib foundation mental health partner Clearhead, • 12-month subscription to mental health app, Calm, • Habit Gym classes and virtual gym memberships • 10 EAP counselling sessions for employees and immediate family members. Leaders were also engaged throughout the programme. They received assistance to help promote nibMINDfull, including a leaders guide and Q&A session with the team at Clearhead to ensure they were well supported in handling wellbeing conversations. This high-level internal support for the programme ensured that resources are devoted to it – for example, when an (unnamed) employee member needed extra therapy and assistance, this was able to be supported.

Engagement and communication

The programme used a range of channels and initiatives to develop and maintain engagement and support two-way communication between employees and the nibMINDfull team. These included existing channels such as nib’s Workplace by Facebook channel, emails and notifications. The initiative was primarily digital to enable all employees to access the programme and take part when it suited them. Underpinning this were three main pillars – awareness, data insights, and education. Awareness was led by the CEO and cascaded through leaders to support cultural integration of the programme and give it priority and visibility. Data was utilised at all stages of the programme development, including monitoring and adapting of the programme as needed. This was done by collecting wellbeing data insights from employees. A strong data base has also made it easy to measure the success in a meaningful way and make recommendations for future renditions. The programme was driven by employee wellbeing data insights – e.g. wellbeing risk assessments, app usage and metrics, anecdotal feedback, and engagement rates. Education was key. By ensuring communication was bite-sized, relatable and inclusive, plus easily accessible via digital channels, the programme was able to improve mental health literacy and engagement. For example, one app – Calm - was used by 80 per cent of employees. Most people used it from 8pm until midnight. When reviewing overall engagement in the programme, some employees said they were “too busy” to take part in the programme. In the future, the company is assessing work design to ensure that employees can take the time to look after their wellbeing.


67% uptake with 71 employees on the wellbeing MINDfull leader board and fifty active users in the Step component of the programme. 6.5 million steps over the six-week programme, with an average of 153,900 daily steps. Overall, Steppers covered 4,500 km, which is equivalent to walking from the tip of the North Island to the Southern end of the North Island three times! The Calm app had an 80% engagement rate, with employees clocking up 403 meditation sessions and 342 sleep sessions. Employees mainly need this support between 8 pm and midnight. Seven employees accessed psychologists or therapy through Clearhead. Another outcome was the impact the programme had on strengthening relationships as teams worked together on challenges with the aim to be placed on the leaderboard. This increased comradery and gave people an opportunity to connect with each other in new ways. Feedback from employees also showed those not actively participating in physical challenges still enjoyed watching the activities of other employee members and were able to benefit from the sense of connection. This is vital in an organisation that has most employees working remotely. Engagement was significant within the programme with 12,916 page views in myhealthHQ portal, which includes page views leading up to the campaign, and 100% of employees would recommend the programme to family and friends. The myhealthHQ portal had very little utilisation prior to the nibMINDfull campaign. Six weeks is not long enough to see measurable changes in clinical models of anxiety/ depression, however, we believe results from last year’s survey speak to the success of running ongoing initiatives such as nibMINDfull. It also demonstrates how we are embedding our wellbeing strategy and initiatives into broader organisational projects.


At nib our purpose is “your better health” through personalised healthcare, so when it comes to developing a wellbeing programme, we knew a one size fits all approach wouldn’t cut it. The company believes that employees should bring their whole selves to work. It is working towards Rainbow Tick accreditation and has a groupwide diversity and inclusion plan, which guided the overall development of nibMINDfull. As part of the nibMINDfull offering to employees, we offered a six month subscription to nib foundation mental health partner, Clearhead, who recently translated their online chatbot and website offering into te reo Māori, thanks to our funding support. Employees, as a result, have the option to seek support and access mental health services in a culturally appropriate setting. In addition, our employees have been participating in weekly te reo classes which connected to our “prioritise your development’ week. Learning new skills, such as a language, creates a shared purpose and sense of community which is a key focus of our overall nibWell framework. nibMINDfull was also a response to a company health programme that wasn’t working. Six years ago it was always the same 15 employees taking part in nib’s wellbeing programmes. Back then, programmes were heavily focused on physical health – with some groups of employees’ needs not being met due to the limited initiatives available. This year’s programme educated employees about mental health being a continuum. Each week had a different wellbeing focus, i.e. movement, nutrition, sleep, relationships & whanau, development to ensure employee could build on their needs and knowledge. Anonymous health risk assessments for employees ensured they had an accurate picture of their wellbeing, enabling them to access personalised health information. It also ensured that help was available to meet those needs, such as therapy or supportive apps.

Innovation and creativity

The programme demonstrated innovation and creativity through: • A personalised experience – employees could access their wellbeing needs through myhealthHQ and access tailored information and support through the programme. For example, as part of the initial health risk assessment, an employee member was alerted to health conditions they were unaware of and they could use this information to seek health support. • Its digital approach – being digital enabled employees to access the programme when needed, at a time that suited them. It also allowed the programme to be inclusive. • Gamification – gamified holistic wellbeing and mindfulness. Participants earned MINDfull points for engaging in the myhealthhq portal, completing daily mindfulness sessions in Calm, and completing the lesson plans in Clearhead • Its multiplatform approach – the programme used appropriate mental health apps, like, Calm and Clearhead, myhealthHQ (information hub) and Workplace (community forum) to share information and drive engagement. This enabled people to connect in ways that suited them. • The use of key health behaviour change principles of peer support and group work, ‘gamification’ with targets, prizes and leaderboards to support motivation, role modelling by leaders, and clear communication across multiple channels to drive engagement. It was also fun – people enjoyed seeing the progress on leaderboards and had something to talk about with colleagues • Its use of data insights to shape the programme – rather than guess what employees may find helpful, the programme was shaped by employee feedback and continually improved through anonymised employee wellbeing data and anecdotal feedback. Post-programme data will help inform the programme in the future ensuring it stays relevant and meets its strategic goals.

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Nicole Barker, Customer Care Manager (nib)

+64 21 530 463 • [email protected]

Key contact

Sheree Knight, Health Safety & Wellbeing Business Partner (nib)

021867100 • [email protected]

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