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Synergy Health Limited

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Industry: Education and Training

Organisation background

Synergy Health is a New Zealand owned and operated business that has been enhancing the wellbeing of employees for 20 years. In New Zealand, we deliver our programmes to a range of industries and clients that include NZ Police, Fonterra, ASB, Kiwibank, Oji Fibre, IAG, Inland Revenue, KPMG as well as several small to medium-sized organisations throughout the country. Our team of 16 are highly skilled and experienced in the areas of wellbeing, human resources, digital and client management. Synergy Health is proud to have recently won the ‘Leading Wellbeing Provider in APAC’ award (2020) as chosen by ManageHR.

Executive summary

Synergy Health delivers workplace wellbeing programmes to some of the largest and most successful workplaces in New Zealand, Australia and more recently across the globe. We strive to achieve our purpose – ‘To help organisations improve people’s lives’. What sets us apart is that our strong consultative approach coupled with our unique and award-winning technology enables us to truly deliver on an organisation's unique and varying requirements. Both now and into the future as these needs change over time. This is reflective of our average retention rate for our customised platform clients fast approaching 10 years.

Background on situation and opportunity

Synergy Health creates various initiatives that are uniquely designed for the workplaces we work with. We’re choosing to focus only on the following clients/objectives for this submission: NZ Police: To engage NZ Police, mental health messaging must be relevant and accommodate the unique environment they work within. KPMG: The desire to reinforce senior leadership support for wellbeing and connect employees in a fun way during lockdowns. Kiwibank: The need to educate employees on how to enhance their resilience and deliver a peer-to-peer training model to promote mental wellbeing. Fonterra: Deliver a customised challenge to promote mental wellbeing across the organisation.


Using Synergy’s Health unique and award-winning platform, the following was implemented for each organisation: NZ Police: To engage employees, information must be relevant to the workforce. For NZ Police, this was particularly important given the complexity of the organisation. The goal was to use the ‘Wellness Hub’ as a vehicle to centralise wellbeing and mental health content. It was also a mechanism to allow NZ Police staff to communicate and share their wellbeing and mental health journeys. Delivering relevant content means employees are more likely to engage in the programme. KPMG: Senior leadership support for any initiative is essential to achieve employee engagement. It can determine the success or failure of any programme. The goal was to create a team-based challenge that had a distinctive KPMG feel, gives KPMG’s leadership team more presence within the organisation and reinforced their commitment to mental health and wellbeing. The goal of the challenge was to connect employees and encourage teamwork during lockdowns. Kiwibank: To give employees the best opportunity to promote their mental health and wellbeing, they must understand the strategies that will uniquely work for them. The goal was to deliver online webinars that provided employees with practical and personalised strategies that promote their resilience and ability to cope with change. Another objective was to remove the stigma around mental health and encourage positive conversations by launching a mental health programme that can be delivered peer-to-peer. Fonterra: A wellbeing programme can achieve a greater return on investment when it meets the broader needs of the organisation. The goal was to deliver a unique challenge across Fonterra that promoted mental health and wellbeing. To engage a range of additional stakeholders, the challenge was to incorporate themes in the key areas of food safety and quality, health and safety and sustainability.


NZ Police: Synergy Health worked with NZ Police to deliver a range of relevant content. This included: - The integration of customised mental health questions within the Wellbeing Scorecard. - Specific resources delivered to support staff through coping with grief and loss. This was in response to the tragic death of a work colleague. - The sharing of personal stories on how staff have coped with mental health challenges. - Development of marketing material and the promotion of the ‘Mate to Mate’ initiative to further encourage staff to support one another. KPMG: Synergy Health created the ‘Partners’ Lockdown Challenge’ in collaboration with KPMG. This involved the following: - Senior leaders selected a daily activity from a list provided (or they could create their own) that promoted wellbeing taking into consideration the lockdown restrictions in place. - Each day, a new leader was featured highlighting the challenge they selected and why they chose it. - Teams earned points by completing each daily challenge. - Teams appeared on a leader board with various achievement/spot prize giveaways. Kiwibank: Employees could register to participate in a range of webinars during the year. Employees may choose to become GoodYarn Facilitators meaning they could go through a comprehensive 2-day training programme where they are given the resources they need to start delivering ‘mental health’ workshops across Kiwibank. Fonterra: Synergy Health worked collaboratively with Fonterra to create a challenge that tracked daily steps and included bonus activities to earn points. The bonus activities were designed to take participants on a virtual journey following the path their product takes from ‘Grass to Glass’. Bonus activities were designed to enhance participants knowledge of mental health strategies, food safety and quality, health and safety and sustainability. Teams appeared on a leader board with various spot prize giveaways.

Engagement and communication

Our approach to engaging with clients is unique for our industry. As a result of the technology that enables high levels of customisation for our clients, we are able to delve deeply to understand their objectives and create programmes that deliver upon these. Our consultative approach positions us in a true partnership with the organisations we work with. NZ Police: We work closely with members of their Safer People Team in order to explore as many opportunities for custom content inclusion as possible. This direct channel means we have almost daily contact with key stakeholders to ensure content is relevant and timely. KPMG: Our semi-templated approach enabled ‘Partners’ to easily engage in the design process whilst still providing flexibility to accommodate their varied areas of interest. The end result was a highly personalised and customised initiative that was exceptionally time-efficient for the client to be involved in. Kiwibank: Striking the balance between ‘tried-and-tested’ and customised is what makes our delivery of educational webinars so effective. By understanding Kiwibank’s specific needs (through the close relationship with key members of their Safety and Wellbeing Team) we are able to ensure the messaging within webinars is on point and relevant to their audience, whilst ensuring the content remains true to the research behind each session. Fonterra: By providing the highest degree of customisation on the market for the delivery of online ‘Challenges’, we have been able to support multiple objectives within single initiatives including sustainability, health and safety, food safety and quality and wellbeing. This is only able to be achieved by providing extensive support to the client and educating them along the way with what is possible. All initiatives are supported by highly customised communication plans to ensure information is easily accessible to all staff whilst offering a compelling reason to engage.


Synergy Health has had a significant impact on promoting mental health and wellbeing across a range of initiatives. These include: NZ Police: Since implementing the platform for NZ Police less than 2 years ago, the following engagement rates have been achieved: - Over 65% of NZ Police personnel have registered on ‘Wellness Hub’ with this continuing to increase to an expected 80%+ participation rate. - 9,527 challenges have been accessed across 40 different wellbeing, safety and engagement topics. - An average of 96% recommendation rate across all challenges delivered. - Close to 1.5 million page views. KPMG: The ‘Partners’ Lockdown Challenge’ achieved the following outcomes: - 96% reported that participating in the challenge had a positive impact on their wellbeing - 98% would participate in future versions of the Partners’ Challenge - 88% felt it gave them a reason to stay connected with colleagues during lockdown - 99% would recommend this initiative to others Kiwibank: Supported by Kiwibank’s ‘Wellness Hub’ platform, a range of webinar topics achieved the following outcomes: - 100% would recommend participating in the Building Personal Resilience 3 part webinar series to help promote mental health and overall wellbeing - 100% would recommend participating in the ‘Charging Through Change’ webinar to more effectively cope with change - 100% of GoodYarn participants reported an improved awareness of the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses - 99% of GoodYarn participants reported an increase in confidence to start a conversation with someone they may be concerned about - 99% would recommend participating in GoodYarn to help foster mental health within the workplace Fonterra: The ‘Moove It’ challenge (from Grass to Glass) achieve the following outcomes: - 92% would participate in the challenge again - 88% said it had a positive impact on their day - 85% said they learnt something new about Fonterra - 82% said it had them moving more


To assist our clients in prioritising inclusion to assist mental health, Synergy Health has: - Synergy Health worked with IAG in creating a series of ‘Language Challenges’ that are now available for all of our clients to implement throughout the year celebrating various ethnicities and cultures. Quizzes include a focus on Māori, Samoa, Fiji and Tonga. Those that complete the quizzes earn bonus points and hence, access more benefits within their programme. - Synergy Health has been proactive in promoting the ‘Te Whare Tapa Whā’ Māori Health Model, Māori ancestral health themes, and Te Reo Māori in connection to mental health (ie. educating programme participants on words, terms and phrases relating to mental health in Te Reo Māori) across its client base. - Synergy Health has worked with Massey University to create a ‘Treaty of Waitangi Quiz’ that was delivered to Synergy Health’s client base. This enabled employees across a number of large organisations to assess their knowledge of some key elements of the Treaty of Waitangi. Those that complete the quiz earn bonus points and hence, access more benefits within their programme. - To support KPMG’s ‘Pride’ month a team-walking Challenge (called ‘Shift’) was delivered to raise awareness of KPMG’s internal pride group ([email protected]) and encourage growth of the group’s numbers. Participants travelled a virtual journey of Aotearoa’s ‘Te Araroa’ trail network and completed activities supporting [email protected]’s weekly themes of: Quiz your Pride Test your Pride Find your Pride Share your Pride Participants were rewarded with Challenge points by answering quiz-style questions, uploading ‘selfies’ with Pride awareness collateral and sharing how KPMG can continue to provide a welcoming space for LGBTTI+ co-workers. All on top of tracking steps and completing general wellbeing tasks.

Innovation and creativity

As a business, Synergy Health is constantly striving to live and breathe our organisation's values in the pursuit of our vision 'To help organisations improve people’s lives’. Whilst all of our organisation's values are important, we have a strong focus on 'We Innovate' (We will succeed by changing the game). With the work environment becoming more complex, organisations are needing more innovative solutions that help them achieve their specific wellbeing goals. Our innovation is centred around our digital platform and our strong consultative approach when working with organisations. The platform delivers a personalised user experience for the employee to maximise engagement. It provides employees with an insight into their wellbeing status, directs them to the most relevant resources based on their needs, enhances motivation through a range of gamified challenges, and rewards them for long term participation. What is unique about the platform is that it also delivers market-leading levels of customisation to allow organisations to influence the specific behaviours they most want to focus on. An organisation can include unique questions within the Wellbeing Scorecard, integrate specific content that best engages their people, have gamified challenges especially created to meet their requirements and/or reward their people for participation in their own unique way. Given the level of customisation Synergy Health can offer, we heavily invest time in determining what unique requirements the organisation may have and work tirelessly to deliver on these requirements. This consultative approach in combination with our award-winning technology means Synergy Health can deliver unique programmes to unique workplaces. It means we can address a range of needs an organisation may have in promoting mental health and wellbeing. In recognition of our innovation, we’re incredibly proud to be recognised by CIO Bulletin as being in the ‘Top 50 Innovators of the Year for 2021’.

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Inspector Rebecca Hill, Health Promotions Advisory Manager (New Zealand Police)

021 191 5047 • [email protected]

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Brad Norris, Managing Director (Synergy Health Limited)

021368860 • [email protected]

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