Frequently Asked Questions.

We’ve assembled a list of the most questions regarding the awards. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us so we can answer it and add it to the list!

General Questions.

The awards were developed to celebrate and showcase the incredible work that individuals, teams and organisations across New Zealand to improve workplace mental health. Check the about page to find out more about the purpose and vision of the awards.

To register your interest in the HeadFit Awards, please enter your details on our updates page.
You'll get announcements and reminders for the awards, plus news and updates from HeadFit Foundation and Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

If you would like more information or have any other questions, please contact us.

Questions about categories.

Don't worry. Just enter the individual, programme or workplace category that you think best suits your entry. If the judges recognise that an entry shows strength in another category, or consider another category would be more appropriate for that entry, they can to change any entry's category at their discretion.

Yes. Each category has its own eligibility requirements as set out on the categories page.

Yes, but please minimise the total number of entries for each organisation. This will help keep the judging process manageable. The number of entries submitted for an organisation should not exceed the following:

  • Individual categories: one or two entries in total across all award categories in this class
  • Programme and Excellence categories: not more than one entry in total across all award categories in this class.
  • Workplace categories: not more than one entry in total across all award categories in this class.

The judges may merge or disqualify entries from a single workplace if they consider that multiple substantially similar entries have been submitted.

We'd love to hear your idea. Please contact us so that we can learn more and consider it for next year.

All about entering.

No. The HeadFit Awards are free to enter.

Entries opened in early June.

Entries closed at 11.59pm on Frida, 16 July 2021. This was extended from the original date of Friday, 9 July.

Any person, team or workplace located in New Zealand may enter. International organisations with a place of business in New Zealand may enter, but only in for to their operations, people and and programmes operating within New Zealand. Additional entry criteria are listed for specific categories on the categories page.

The only awards category in which an external consultant or service provider can enter this year is the Provider of the Year. We have made an intentional choice with this year's awards to focus on the good work that is happening within workplaces, so the awards categories reflect this. We may reassess this for future years.

If you are an external consultant or service provider, your work could still form part of an entry by a workplace for its internal use.

The Judging Process.

Judging takes place from Friday, 23 July to Wednesday, 11 August 2021.

To protect the privacy of the judges and preserve the integrity of the judges, we do not share the names of the judges and all judges are subject to strict confidentiality and conflict of interest obligations.

The judges will independently review and score each entry, based on a number of criteria for assessment. The judges will then meet to conduct judging moderation and select the finalists.

Criteria for each category is on the categories page

No. But the judges reserve the right to contact the supporting referees you specified in your entry form.

Because we like to be thorough. The judges reserve the right to contact an entry's referees to ask questions about the entry and to validate any information provided as part of the entry.

Due to the high volume of entries received and to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of the judging process, we are unable to provide feedback on individual entries.

Subject to final judging moderation and reference checks, the finalists will be announced during the week commencing 9 August 2021. Exact timing will depend on completion of reference checks.

Questions for finalists.

Yes. If you are selected as a finalist, you'll need to attend the awards ceremony and gala dinner or have at least one representative present. This is to ensure there is someone there to represent you and your organisation, and to accept the award if you are the winner.

Unfortunately we can't offer finalists complimentary tickets. With around 40 finalists in attendance, providing complimentary tickets for finalists would impact the financial viability of the event.

Yes, it is a good idea to prepare some bullet point speaking notes in case you win. It'll help you to confidently share what is important to you in a structured way. Please try to keep your remarks to around 200 words maximum.

Awards ceremony and gala dinner.

We have published terms and conditions for the Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner on our website. By ordering a ticket for the event, you are agreeing to those terms.

Due to venue capacity constraints, we initially limited orders to 5 tickets per finalist and 5 tickets per sponsor. This was to allow each finalist and sponsor a reasonable opportunity to order any tickets it required.

From Monday, 13 September, any unsold tickets are available for purchase by finalists and sponsors up to a maximum ticket allocation of 10 tickets per organisation.

We're hoping that New Zealand will stay out of another lockdown, but we're ready to act if we need to make changes due to a COVID-19 Alert Level change.

If an Alert Level change means that we are unable to host the event in person, we will delay the event a reasonable period (eg. by 4 weeks). We'll keep you updated if this happens, and your ticket will be valid for the later date.

When booking flights and accommodation for the event, please choose ticket options that allow for flexibility if the event date does need to change.

All tickets are fully flexible, so they'll be valid for any revised date and can be transferred between staff if one of your guests can't make the revised date.

It's important to us that we celebrate together in person, so we're happy to delay the date if necessary so that this can happen. In the unlikely event that we need to cancel the event entirely, you'll be entitled to a refund (the only deduction is a 2.9% payment processing fee which is not refundable from our payment processor, Stripe).

If the event date needs to be delayed due to COVID-19 alert levels, all tickets are flexible and will automatically transfer to any revised date.

Your tickets will be valid for any revised date and can be transferred between staff if one of your guests can’t make the revised date. Because all tickets are flexible, you are not entitled to a refund just because the event date changes or you change your mind.

If we need to cancel the Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner entirely, you’ll be entitled to a refund (less a 2.9% payment processing fee from our credit card processor Stripe, which is not refundable).

The Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner will be held on Tuesday, 16 November. The event kicks off with a VIP Cocktail Function from 6pm with live music, champagne and canapes. You can find out more information on the main event page.

For this year’s awards, we have selected Sorrento in the Park for the awards ceremony and gala dinner event. Nestled near the base of One Tree Hill in Cornwall Park, Sorrento is one of Auckland’s iconic conference and function venues. You can find out more information on the main event page.

The dress code is black tie. If you don't own a tuxedo and the cost of hiring or buying one is outside your budget, don't stress. You can wear a black or dark suit and tie -- just dress up as much as you can, as most people will be wearing black tie.

We've found from other awards events that the pre-event welcome drinks is a fantastic chance to connect or reconnect with peers and workmates before the formal celebrations start. To maximise the opportunity for building connections, we've created a VIP cocktail event with live music, champagne and canapes. We'll also have roving photographers available for candid and group photos during this time.

Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner Tickets

All remaining tickets for the Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner are now available for purchase, up to a maximum total ticket allocation of 10 tickets per organisation.

There are currently only 32 tickets remaining, and these can be purchased on a first-come-first-served basis. Order now.

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Awards night is now Tues, 16 November. Learn more about how we're dealing with COVID-19:
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