Terms and Conditions

    HeadFit Awards Entry Terms & Conditions

    By submitting an entry for the HeadFit Awards programme (Awards) as described at https://www.headfitawards.org/ (Website), entrants agree to the following terms with HeadFit Foundation Limited (we, us, our):

    1. Eligibility. Only workplaces operating, and individuals residing, in New Zealand may enter. Additional criteria may apply to specific awards.
    2. Problems with entries. We may reject entries that are ineligible, late, incomplete, late or haven’t followed any entry instruction. We may request additional material to verify accuracy.
    3. False or exaggerated entries. Entries which the judges consider are false, exaggerated or unverifiable may be penalised or rejected.
    4. Judges’ discretion and decisions. The judges have complete discretion in determining finalists and winners. Their decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
    5. Right to revoke or withdraw. We may publicly revoke an award or withdraw a finalist at any time if we become aware of information that we consider would have materially affected the judges’ decisions.
    6. No duty or obligation. The judging, conduct and results of the awards does not impose any legal obligation or duty on us or any sponsor in relation to any entrant.
    7. Withdrawal or combination. We may choose to not give out a particular award and to combine award categories at our discretion.
    8. Approvals for entry. Entrants must have all necessary approvals from their employer to enter. An award entry may be withdrawn from consideration only by the person who submitted it.
    9. Contacting nominee. For individual awards, if a person is nominated by someone outside their organisation, we may advise the nominee’s organisation that they have been nominated and may show the nominee’s organisation the entry.
    10. Submission and use of entries. We aren’t responsible for any loss or damage to entries and we won’t return entries once they are submitted. We can use entries for the purposes of judging, conducting and promoting the awards.
    11. Sharing of entry details. Initiatives and achievements of winners and finalists as described in your entry may be shared at the awards dinner, published in the awards case studies/magazine and included in press releases, news coverage and promotional materials relating to the awards. If there is specific information in your entry that is confidential, you can mark it as such (but please don’t broadly mark your entry as confidential).
    12. Gala dinner an awards ceremony. If you are a finalist, you will need to attend the Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner, with our other finalists, sponsors and VIPs.  The Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner is held in Auckland each year, you’ll need to buy tickets and additional terms (below) apply.
    13. Collection of trophies. Trophies must be collected at the awards ceremony. If the ceremony cannot be conducted in person, trophies will be sent to the winners.
    14. Photography and video recordings. During the awards ceremony and gala dinner, we may record video and photos, including of you and your guests. We’ll own all intellectual property in these items and we may use them to promote the awards without compensation to you.
    15. Announcement and promotion of winners and finalists. If you are a winner or finalist, we can publicly state this and can use your logo and photos for the sole purpose of conducting the Awards, showcasing you as a winner or finalist and promoting the Awards (including the awards ceremony and gala dinner).
    16. Publicity, interviews etc. Winners and finalists are expected to work with us and our sponsors to help publicise their achievements, and agree to participate in publicity activities following the award presentations. You also agree to make yourself (or suitable representative(s) from your organisation) available for interviews, filming, photography and promotional activities conducted by us, the Principal Sponsor of the Awards, and/or the relevant Category Sponsor without further compensation to you. We or the relevant sponsor (as the case may be) will own all intellectual property rights that may be created through your participation in such interviews, filming, photography and promotional activities.
    17. No endorsement. Winning an award does not constitute an endorsement by us or any sponsor.
    18. Entries by sponsor and their staff. Sponsor organisations and their staff are not permitted to enter the category in which they sponsor.
    19. Changes. We can change these terms and any aspect of the Awards at our discretion and at any time, including delaying or cancelling any aspect.
    20. Non-compliance. We can reject your entry or terminate your involvement in the awards if you don’t comply with these terms.
    21. Liability. We won’t be liable for any lost profits, lost revenue or any indirect or consequential losses. Our maximum liability to you is limited to the total amounts you have paid us in connection with your participation as an entrant in the Awards. You indemnify us and our sponsors against all losses, damages, claims and costs arising from your breach of these terms, your acts and omissions (including those of your guests), and your participation in the Awards.
    22. Consumer Guarantees. If you’re participating in the Awards for business purposes, you agree that the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 doesn’t apply. Otherwise, nothing in these terms affects any rights you might have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

    HeadFit Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner Terms & Conditions

    These terms apply to all tickets that you may order for the HeadFit Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner (Event) from the Event organiser, HeadFit Foundation Limited (we, us, our). By ordering tickets for the Event, the person submitting each order for Event tickets agrees to these terms on behalf of the organisation listed on the checkout page (you, your), and confirms that they are authorised by you to order Event tickets on your behalf subject to these terms.

    1. Buying tickets. Tickets may only be purchased online from https://www.headfitawards.org/Admission to the event is by email ticket confirmation. No physical tickets will be issued in advance of the Event.
    2. Ticket prohibitions. Tickets must not be: (a) resold, or offered for resale, at an amount higher than the original purchase price of the ticket, or (b) allocated or used for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes in connection with goods or services, except with our prior written permission. Breach of the this term may result in cancellation of the affected tickets.
    3. Ticket quantity limits. To ensure all finalists can be seated for the Event, each organisation may order up to a maximum of 10 tickets in total (including any complimentary sponsor tickets). Priority is given to finalists, sponsors, our invited guests and our designated partners.
    4. Priority allocations for finalists. If the event reaches maximum capacity and a finalist has not had an opportunity to purchase tickets, we reserve the right to make minor adjustments of ticket allocations to ensure all finalists can be seated. For example, we may reallocate 1 or 2 tickets from an organisation with 10 tickets (and we will provide a full refund for the reallocated tickets to the affected organisation).
    5. Guests. You must ensure that all of your guests who are allocated a ticket and attend the Event (Guests) are made aware of these terms and agree to comply with them as a condition of entry to the Event.
    6. Prohibited conduct.Guests must not engage in antisocial, offensive or abusive conduct at the Event. Prohibited conduct includes: (a) speaking to staff or Guests in a manner which offends, insults, humiliates, intimidates, disparages or vilifies that other, including on the basis of that other person’s race, religion, ethnicity, colour, appearance, gender, sexuality or the fact that the person has a disability, (b) use of offensive, indecent or obscene language in such a way as to interfere with the comfort and enjoyment of the Event by staff or other Guests, (c) threatening or abusive behaviour toward others, (d) throwing or attempting to throw projectiles, including bottles, (e) littering or damaging or defacing property, (f) disrupting, interrupting, hindering or interfering with the Event, including any entertainment and activities taking place at the Event, (g) relieving yourself in an area other than designated toilets, (h) blocking thoroughfares or exits, (i) entering any area of the Event where Guests are prohibited from entering, which may be indicated by signage, fencing, locked doors or otherwise, (j) distributing or attempting to sell goods or services, except with our prior written permission, and (k) distributing political or religious materials, except with our prior written permission.
    7. Event programme and date. We may alter the event programme and change the Event date in our discretion and for any reason. For example, we might need to make changes if an entertainer is unavailable due to illness or if an ingredient for the menu is not readily available. We may make other changes to the Event, including: (a) start time or end time, (b) scheduling of entertainment and activities, (c) layout and location of the Event venue, (d) vendors providing goods and services at the Event, and (e) other matters not having a substantial effect upon the overall nature of the Event (being a gala dinner held in Auckland, New Zealand).
    8. Children. Children under the age of 18 years are not permitted to attend the Event, as the event is intended for adults and alcoholic beverages are served throughout the evening.
    9. Mobile phones. Mobile phones must be turned on silent during the Event.
    10. Photography and recordings. There will be photographers and videographers at the Event, who will be making photographic, audio and video recordings of the Event, including for the purpose of news reporting, media coverage, press releases, announcements relating to the Event, producing highlights packages and promoting the Event (including subsequent years’ Events). All Guests acknowledge that they may be captured in photographic, audio and video recordings of the Event, and consent to these recordings being taken and used by us for any purpose, including advertising and promotional purposes.
    11. Amateur photography. Guests may take amateur photographs and video at the Event for sharing on social media and for their reasonable personal use, provided that: (a) they do not cause annoyance or inconvenience to other people, (b) the subject matter of the photographs is lawful, (c) consent is obtained from subjects of photographs and videos, as appropriate, and (d) any photographs and videos must not be sold or used for commercial gain.
    12. Professional photography. Professional photographers and videographers who would like to make photographs or video recordings at the Event may only do so with our prior written approval and subject to any conditions we may impose in connection with that approval. Please contact us for further details.
    13. Food and drink. Neither food nor drink can be taken into the event.
    14. Dietary requirements. We will endeavour to reasonably accommodate dietary requirements, but we do not guarantee that all dietary requirements can be accommodated. You’ll need to let us know about any Guest’s dietary requirements when ordering (or at least 21 days before the Event, if you don’t specify dietary requirements when ordering). If you don’t tell us about dietary requirements in time, we will assume that no dietary requirements apply to your Guests.
    15. Food allergies. The venue operator takes reasonable care to ensure dishes do not contain the stated ingredients, but cannot guarantee that any dish is completely free of allergens. Please ask your wait staff for more details.
    16. Alcohol. You must not bring alcoholic beverages into the Event. Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase and consumption in designated licensed areas only. You must not take alcoholic beverages outside of the designated licensed areas. Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter the Event, and persons observed to be consuming alcohol upon approach to the Event can be denied entry to the Event. Intoxicated persons will be removed from the Event. You may be required to produce proof of age before you are permitted to enter a designated licensed area, and the following documents can be used for identification: (a) a current passport, (b) a current New Zealand drivers licence, or (c) a current Hospitality NZ 18+ Card or Kiwi Access Card.
    17. Smoking. The Event is a non-smoking event. Guests may use any outdoor smoking facilities at venue, as designated by the venue operator.
    18. Guest property. Guests are responsible for their own property for the duration of the Event. Guests must not leave their possessions unattended at any time. We do not accept responsibility for any damage to or loss of any property at the Event.
    19. Animals. Guests must not bring animals to the Event (other than an accredited assistance animal in the company of the Guest/handler). We may require the Guest/handler to produce an appropriate authorisation card on request.
    20. COVID-19 changes and protocols. Your safety is our priority. If the event date needs to be delayed due to COVID-19 alert levels, all tickets are flexible and will automatically transfer to any revised date. Your tickets will be valid for any revised date and can be transferred between staff if one of your guests can’t make the revised date. It is a condition of entry to the Event that each Guest must scan the event QR code with the NZ Covid Tracer app, or manually sign in using the paper form provided.
    21. Refunds generally. We do not provide a refunds on Event tickets, except as required by law. We do not have responsibility for lost or stolen tickets, and replacement tickets may be issued at our sole discretion. We make no representations regarding access to unobstructed views of entertainment and activities during the Event, the location of Guests at particular tables (or at particular seats at a table). Refunds will not be available should you be dissatisfied with these matters.
    22. Refunds due to date changes, change of mind or non-attendance. You are not entitled to a refund solely because the Event date changes, you have changed your mind or any of your Guests does not attend the Event for any reason. All tickets are flexible, and you can allocate them to other Guests if any of your Guests are unable to attend because the Event date has changed or for any other reason.
    23. Legal restrictions on travel. If one of your Guests cannot lawfully to travel to the Event due to the operation of regional boundary restrictions, the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 or any Regulations or Orders under that Act (together, the Restrictions), you may re-allocate their ticket to another Guest. If none of your personnel are able to travel to the Event as a direct result of Restrictions, you can request a refund for your tickets (less a 2.9% payment processing fee from our credit card processor Stripe, which is not refundable).
    24. Refunds due to cancellation of the Event. If we need to cancel the Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner entirely or move it online, we’ll notify you in writing and you’ll be entitled to request a refund for any tickets purchased. If you paid for your tickets by credit card, your refund will be less a 2.9% payment processing fee (this is a non-refundable fee from our credit card processor, Stripe). Regardless of how you paid for your tickets, you’ll need to provide us with New Zealand bank account details when requesting your refund (as we’ll use these if there’s a problem refunding to the credit card you used to purchase the tickets).  You’ll have 60 days to request your refund from the date we notify you of Event cancellation. If you don’t submit a refund request within that time, you waive your right to receive the refund and authorise us to donate the full amount of your refund to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.
    25. Risk. There are risks associated with attending the Event. At the Event, there will be unique risk factors present including uneven surfaces, temporary structures, crowds, consumption of alcohol and variable weather conditions. You enter the Event at your own risk. You must take care to observe and follow all signage and instructions that you might be given by us or the venue operator at the Event, and you should take special care at all times to protect any Guests in your care from loss or injury.
    26. Indemnity. You indemnify us and the venue operator against all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs, expenses, losses and damages arising out of or in connection with any acts or omissions of you or your Guests, any breach of this agreement by you or your guests, or any complaint or claim made or brought against us in respect of any act or omission of you, your Guests, or any other Guest.
    27. Breach of terms. If any Guest breaches any of the above terms, we or the venue operator may: (a) refuse the Guest entry to the Event, (b) evict the Guest from the Event, (c) ask the Guest to surrender prohibited items in their possession, (d) confiscate or cancel the Guest’s ticket, and (e) report the Guest’s conduct to police or other law enforcement authorities, as appropriate.
    28. Warranties. Unless otherwise expressly stated in these terms, we exclude all warranties, representations and conditions relating to the Event (whether express, implied or whenever arising and whether originating in statute, law, trade, custom, or otherwise) to the maximum extent permitted by law.
    29. Liability. Only you may make claims against us, and you indemnify us against any claims that your Guests may make against us. Our total liability to you under these terms or otherwise arising out of or in connection with the Event under contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise will be limited to the amount you paid for the relevant Event tickets for the affected Guests. You must notify us of any claim within 3 months after the Event, or you waive that claim. We will not be liable under these terms to the extent that that liability was caused or contributed to by any act, omission or breach of these terms by you or your Guests.
    30. Excluded liability. We will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss, or for any loss of revenue, profits, goodwill, business or anticipated business, anticipated savings or for any business interruption or loss of data, whether direct or indirect and whether or not that loss was, or ought to have been, contemplated by us.
    31. No claims against venue operator or suppliers. To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither the venue operator, nor any service provider involved in the Event (or their officers, employees, contractors and agents) will be liable to you or will be required to compensate you for any loss or damage of any kind that you suffer in connection with the Event.
    32. Consumer Guarantees Act. You confirm that you are purchasing the Event tickets purposes of a business as defined in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. The provisions of that Act do not apply to the goods and services we may provide under these terms or otherwise in connection with the Event.
    33. Circumstances outside our reasonable control. We will not be liable for any failure or delay in complying with any of our obligations under these terms, Event is otherwise impacted, due to a circumstance outside of our reasonable control. For the purposes of these terms, circumstances outside our reasonable control may include (without limitation) fire, earthquakes, flooding, storms or other severe weather conditions, national emergencies, labour disputes, strikes, lockouts, civil disturbances, explosions, accidents, threatened or actual war, armed conflict, terrorist attacks, chemical or biological contamination, epidemics, pandemics, changes in COVID-19 alert levels, and the withdrawal or non-appearance of key speakers or performers.
    34. Privacy. We will treat personal information of you and your Guests in accordance with our privacy policy. You agree that we may contact you or your Guests (if you have provided contact details for them) for any purposes permitted in our privacy policy, including providing information regarding the Event, changes to the Event, and future Events. You must ensure that your Guests consent to such use.
    35. Changes. We may revise these terms from time to time at our discretion by publishing updated terms and conditions on our website at https://www.headfitawards.org/terms/#GalaDinnerTerms.
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